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Looking for answers? Want the skinny on some things? You’ve come to the right place. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re seeking. If not, drop us a note.

  • When brewing tea, start with cold water in the pot and heat from there. This helps bring out the tea’s flavor

  • Green teas are a superb drink with seafood.

  • A bit of milk in your tea adds smoothness, especially chais.

  1. Where can I buy Good Earth?

    Check the Get Good Earth section of our website to find a local retailer. Or you can buy any of the teas online – there’s a Buy Now option on each page.

  2. Why did Good Earth redesign its package?

    Our teas are so unique and flavorful that the package needed to show on the outside what is so wondrous on the inside. We wanted to make drinking our teas a truly different experience from the first view of the package, to the inspiring tea tag quotes and culminating with that first sip.

  3. Why have the tea names changed and how do I find my favorite tea?

    We gave the teas new names to better showcase their flavor personality. Who says tea has to be so formal? We don’t! This is our way of bringing some intrigue into your day.

  4. Have the tea flavors changed too?

    The teas have been enhanced for a more flavorful, all-natural taste experience. We took what was delectable about each and plussed it up with complementary elements to create tantalizing combinations you’ll love to drink. Sweet & Spicy® was already a one-of-a-kind experience so it hasn’t changed in flavor – it gives you that same distinctively different taste now in a completely all-natural blend.

  5. What happened to my favorite tea? I don’t see it anymore.

    Hard as it was, we had to let some teas go. They may be available in store or you can buy online for a bit longer. We want you to keep experiencing tea differently so we’ve got suggestions for other teas to try in place of your favorite. Click here to see what else may work.

  6. Are Good Earth teas natural?

    Our teas are made with natural ingredients and are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

  7. What is the caffeine content of Good Earth teas?

    We have a caffeine meter for each tea – you can find it right on that tea’s information page - it shows you the caffeine content for each tea. For a quick overview, here’s the typical caffeine content of an 8oz cup of tea compared to an 8oz cup of coffee (95mg):
    Red tea 0mg
    Herbal tea 0mg
    White tea 18mg
    Green tea 47mg
    Black tea 47mg
    Decaffeinated tea – all types 2mg

  8. What makes Good Earth tea taste so sweet?

    Our teas do not contain sugar or any artificial sweeteners. For many of the sweet-tasting Good Earth teas, the sweet taste is created from the combination of natural ingredients. Some teas contain stevia, a naturally derived sweetener, used with the right combination of ingredients to create the taste.

  9. Are there calories in Good Earth teas?

    Our teas taste so flavorful you’d expect them to be high calorie but they are not! All our teas are less than 5 calories with less than 1 gram of fat. The small amount of calories comes from the herbs, essential oils and flavors used to create the bold taste.

  10. How long can I keep the tea?

    You can keep tea for up to 2 years from when it’s been produced. Check the “Enjoy Buy” date on the side of the package.

  11. Is there a special way to brew Good Earth tea?

    Brewing up some Good Earth tea is as easy as pouring hot water over the tea bag and letting it steep a bit. Brew instructions are on the bottom of every box but in case you don’t have that handy, here’s how: (1) Pour freshly boiled water over tea bag placed into your cup or mug. Tip: Start with cold water to help bring out the tea’s flavor (2) Steep 2-4 minutes for most teas, except chais which need 4-6 minutes. (3) Enjoy!

  12. Can you make iced tea with Good Earth?

    Absolutely! All of our blends taste great iced. There are easy instructions on every box for turning your favorite tea into iced tea. To make a nice, big pitcher of iced tea: (1) Pour 2 cups of freshly boiled water over 4-6 teabags depending on the flavor you want. (2) Infuse 10 minutes. (3) Add 2 cups of cold water and serve over ice (4) Refresh and enjoy!

  13. Are Good Earth teas Kosher Certified?

    Yes they are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

  14. Are your products gluten free?

    Good Earth teas are gluten free.

  15. Are your products vegan or vegetarian suitable?

    Vegans and vegetarians can easily enjoy any of the Good Earth teas.

  16. Is the package recyclable?

    The cartons are 100% recyclable and even made with recycled board. You can also recycle the tea tags once the string and tag are removed. Right now the envelopes are not recyclable because we need to use a special foil to protect the tea freshness but we are working hard to find materials which keep the flavor locked in and are recyclable too.

  17. Why do you use envelopes for the tea?

    We use envelopes to protect the freshness and lock in the bold flavors. Instead of using stock, pre-mixed blends like other companies, we create our own blends with high quality, premium ingredients and liquid flavors to deliver bold, share-worthy teas. The envelopes protect the flavor we’ve worked hard to create so you can enjoy a tea like no other.

  18. How/where do I get coupons or samples?

    It pays to be a fan, so join our FanFare club, like us on facebook or follow us on twitter. We may give away free product and coupons online at different times so keep checking us out.

  19. How do I share a great story, flavor suggestion, or even an awesome photo with Good Earth?

    Wow! We’d love that. There’s a Submit A Rave option on every product page or you can go to the Contact Us page to drop us a note. Or you could post to Good Earth’s facebook, pin some shots to, tweet with us on twitter #TeaUntamed or #goodearthtea.

  20. How do I get a quote onto the tea tag?

    We’re always looking for inspiration! That’s why we run the Good Earth Tag You’re It! contest for our fans to submit their original quotes for possible inclusion on our tags. Be sure to join our FanFare club to get notice of when the contest is happening. Or if there’s a well-known quote you’re particularly fond of, email it to us and we’ll take it into consideration.